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Pre Primary (3 – 5yr olds)

Pre Primary (3 – 5yr olds)

We teach 45 minute combination classes in both Ballet/Tap and Jazz/Acrobatics teaching the dancers the basic skills in each of these styles.

Ballet/Tap consists of learning the basic feet and arm movements in Ballet to slow pretty music and learning basic tap movements and rhythms to upbeat Hi-5 songs.

Jazz/Acrobatics consists of learning simple co-ordination steps to upbeat Hi-5 music in Jazz and basic tumbling skills (forward roll, cartwheel, headstand etc) in Acrobatics.


Pupils in year 1 and above need to choose a minimum of 2 classes to make up a 60-minute session.

If pupils in years 5 and above choose a 60-minute Acro class they must also choose either a Ballet, Lyrical, or Jazz class as well to work on their technique.