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Frequently Asked Questions about the Desiree dance World


Do I have to sew sequins?

No! Costumes for any concerts can be hired for a modest fee.

What does my child have to wear?

Each age group has a specific red leotard. Black shorts, skirt or pants may also be worn.

We also have a DDA Uniform range for purchase.

Do you teach children under 3?

To get the most out of the class children need to be able to copy the teacher and follow instructions. Some children are able to do this before they turn 3. We also have a special Mum & Me Time class for Tiny Tots from 18 months.

What is the ″Unlimited Dancer″ fee?

For keen dancers the “unlimited dancer” fee is capped at the equivalent of 3 hours per week but allows attendance at unlimited sessions.

Do you do concerts?

Yes, we put on one main concert each year in September. In previous years it has been held at Sacred Heart College in Sorrento.

Do you have boys in your classes?

Yes, we certainly do!


Pupils in year 1 and above need to choose a minimum of 2 classes to make up a 60-minute session.

If pupils in years 5 and above choose a 60-minute Acro class they must also choose either a Ballet, Lyrical, or Jazz class as well to work on their technique.